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Tamper Proof Screws For License Plates

Our screws are made of durable stainless steel and are designed to take any treatment. They are replacement bolt nuts for a variety of license plate models, ensuring that your plate will last.

Tamper Proof License Plate Screws

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Tamper Resistant License Plate Screws

This bolt nut screw is for the tamper proof license plates on bmw vehicles. It is made of stainless steel and is also tamper proof. It is perfect for keeping your plate secure when you're not using them. a tamper-proof screws license plate screw set is a perfect invention for your fastening plate. The screws are designed to prevent theft, while the set provides a goodluck for rapid repair. The screws are 6mm in size, so they're suitable for a variety of cars, models and years. the tamper proof license plate bolts are made of durable metal that will keep your car safe from theft. These fastening screws are 6mm in size and will keep your car tag screws in place while driving. this is a physicians stone tamper proof screw for bmw license plate ss stainless steel. It is replacement bolt nut screw for those times when you need to add a newbolt nut and/or use a different size for a different model of bmw license plate ss stainless steel. This screw is ina competitive price and is best suited for those who need it for their car that has a tamper-proof fastener.