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Tamper Proof Door Hinges

The tamper proof door hinges are perfect for your computer screen, phone, or door. They're aieve door hinges security screws that will protect your equipment. They come in 6 pack and are perfect for any job.

Tamper Proof Door Hinges Ebay

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Top 10 Tamper Proof Door Hinges

This is a 2-pc. 1-1/4 inch wide by 14 inch long door hinges. They are tamper proof. They will not withstand a sliver of light that can cause the door to open or close, like a door from the inside out. But that's ok, because they will prevent your neighbors from finding what's going on in your house. our tamper proof door hinges are 6 packs and will work with your security screw to protect your door. The screws are white and black, making it easy to find. Our screws are of the tamper proof type, so they will not turn on your door. Our packs of screws are perfect for any job that needs security for a door. this satin brass door hinge is perfect for patents or covert ops where you want to ensure our customers is able to open the door without being able to see in the room. The tamper proof hinges are invisible to hooks or nails so your customer is able to close the door without being able to see what's happening. this tamper proof door hinge is made of glossless brass with an invisible satin brass finish. It has a mortise mount type handle and a 103 degree viewing angle. It is available in black or golden brass.