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Tamper-evident Labels For Food

Looking For an unique and groundwater-resistant label For your food? Don't search more than the 500 metallic gold tamper-evident Food seal labels! These Labels are made of durable gold and have a sturdy build, making them top For any Food product.

Tamper Evident Labels For Food

These Tamper Evident label stickers are beneficial alternative to protect your Food containers from unauthorized access, the stickers are two in. Width and four in, height and are also an outstanding surrogate For identifying Food storage or cooking areas. These tamper-evident Labels are first-class For your Food service, they show your customers that you are aware of and impacted by the Tamper Evident label. These tamper-evident label rolls are fantastic For Food containers! They are eight inches wide x four inches wide and are made of flour-free paper, they are easily observable by anyone wanting on top of the container. Each roll provides 12 stickers and a code that always uncomplicated to find, the code is: "500 x Tamper Evident sticker tape roll" this code will help you to remove the stickers as you go about your work in the Food container. These tamper-evident Labels with writable date and time are exceptional For Food delivery, they are basic to apply and they hold up to wear and tear.